So you want a woodstove…

Well I certainly did. As soon as we moved in and looked at the low narrow fireplace with it’s ostentatious marble hearth extension clashing with the painted brick mantel, under-tall and over deep fire box waiting to suck the heat out of the house. Out of scale with the room, lopsided and awkward looking, a… Continue reading So you want a woodstove…


A prayer by the fire at the end of the year.

The second week of running my new-to-me woodstove after years of intermittent installation is quiet. After starting the coffee maker I inspect the remains of last night’s fire and find a small pile of coal with glowing specks covered in ash. A younger me would have spent half an hour trying to get the stove… Continue reading A prayer by the fire at the end of the year.

If only

He had followed the police instructions, She had worn a longer dress, That child stayed on the sidewalk, The protesters been more Christ-like. These lies we tell ourselves to sooth the ugly truth; Flowers on another grave, A life of promise altered, torn A set of new shoes never worn. If only the victim had… Continue reading If only