Cider pressing

With the help of friends and children, I press the cider from the orchard. I make no effort to mix the juice so it varies from very sweet to pretty tart bottle to bottle. The day is beautiful and my only regret that covid keeps more people from sharing the sun is glows, the wind blows cool in the long afternoon shadows. Apples are stored sunlight of summer, but sweetened in the cold nights of Autumn.

That night, taking some to a friend nearing hospice, his wife is so grateful and it makes me feel a fraud; as though saying “your husband is dying, here have some juice”. Its not enough, it is never enough. But he says they love it so I bring more.

Because more of a small thing is all I can do. So wear a mask, and vote. Bring someone some juice. Remind your friends to vote, and bring more juice. And when in the dark morning weighs heavily go out and see the moon reflect the sun in darkness. When you lack the light within, catch the memory of sun and cast it back. It may provide little heat but it can illuminate the path ahead.

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