A strange homecoming.

Three days before arriving I stood on a rise in the desert; below were hundreds of steel buildings housing thousands. People heading home, people heading to war. The haze and dust of hangs with the smell of oil in this small country, and even in February the heat in the late afternoon makes the horizon… Continue reading A strange homecoming.


“This is not how I imagined this moment.”

That was my first thought. The image was of me bicycling the 20 odd miles between work and home. After six years of more-or-less regular commuting, the longest of my life, my sense of adventure had led me down every possible pathway between my own little town and the College burg where a desk has… Continue reading “This is not how I imagined this moment.”

Plum Chutney and Manhood

  Summer brings a plethora of fruit; the plum tree drops it’s bounty in a ten day span and I was lucky enough to be between jobs to catch it. A weekend spent in the kitchen making jam and chutney. The jam was slow to set and soft when it did, but the chutney tasted… Continue reading Plum Chutney and Manhood